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Design a map of your current world

This is simply a fun, warm-up exercise to start us talking about what it means to “START WHERE WE ARE”, what we already intrinsically know, and how we can begin to express creativity. Your work doesn’t have to be polished/perfect but please share something with an image and text in our next synchronous class. This should take you no more than 1 hour.

This lesson is for you to create a map of your world as you know it right now. This can be a literal map or a complete fantasy — it is up to you. You are the artist/cartographer and you are illustrating your world as you “Start Where You Are.”

For inspiration and example, please peruse some of the maps that people created for a contest by CityLab (Links to an external site) during the lock-down shock across the world due to the pandemic in the spring of 2020.

Next, read the New York Times article “How to Make An Illustrated Map in  8 Steps”  (Links to an external site.) This article teaches you how to make a geographic map but you should feel free to go as inspiration strikes.

Ready? Now, be creative. Remember that imitation is the best form of flattery and don’t be afraid to mimic the things you like from the maps you explored in the CityLab maps. Sketch, screenshot, photograph, sculpt, or construct your own map of your world today. Use navigational and directional elements such as a title, compass, icons, and a legend to help the map reader understand context and navigation.

Finally, add your work|play|love|health dashboards as a snapshot to your pulse as you finish this map.

Find Inspiration from CityLab Contest Winners

How to Make An Illustrated Map in 8 Steps

Sketch Your Map (Imitation is a form of flattery)